Cómo hacer azúcar de colores de forma fácil

La azúcar de colores es ideal para decorar diversos dulces, especialmente para las celebraciones infantiles, si deseas saber Cómo hacer azúcar de colores solo debes seguir leyendo este post, y teñir el azúcar con tu color favorito para tus decoraciones.


  • 250 gramos de azúcar (o más cantidad si lo requieres)
  • Colorante de alimentos (puedes usar los colorantes líquidos de repostería o colorantes caseros)
  • Agua
  • Papel de cocina
  • Recipiente hermético para guardar el azúcar de colores


En un bol debes agregar 80 ml de agua y varias gotas de colorante (la cantidad dependerá si buscas que el color sea intenso o suave) remueve muy bien la mezcla.

En otro envase coloca el azúcar que vas a pintar, puedes separar el azúcar en distintos envases si buscas tener el azúcar en varios colores; poco a poco vas a agregarle góticas de la mezcla anterior al azúcar, debes ir mezclando hasta que observes que adquiere el color que deseas.

Esta preparación debes dejarla reposar por un tiempo, así te puedes asegurar que el azúcar esté seca, luego lo guardas en un recipiente hermético y puedes usar el azúcar de colores para decorar cualquier dulce que realices.

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VitalSleep Review

Not so long ago, I was feeling constantly tired. I was hungry all throughout the day and I lacked the energy to go through the day. If you are reading this, then chances are you are feeling the same way. And, in fact, you may think that these feelings are natural and are a result of a stressing life. That’s partially true. However, that’s not all. In fact, even though I wasn’t aware of it, turns out that these feelings came from snoring. 

Well, things changed for me when I understood that snoring is a result of oxygen not passing through to your lungs the way it is supposed to. That means that people who snore don’t breathe properly. Therefore, I was not reaching the R.E.M stage of sleep, which is exactly what a person needs in order to rest all of his or her body organs. That’s when I understood that I had to do something about it. I did some research and I found VitalSleep. I decided to go for it when I learned that I could use a VitalSleep Coupon. And from that day on my life has changed entirely. Today I’m free of snoring and no longer I feel those daily ailments. 

That’s why I’m here today writing the VitalSleep Review. I’m 100% positive that this program will help you to stop snoring. So go on, try it! It will change your life. Good luck! 

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People who snore may not be aware of the serious damage they are doing to their bodies by leaving this condition unattended. They tend to think that it is normal and that is only something that bothers their partners. However, it is not. Just take a look at the  Snoring Health Risks and you will see that it is a serious issue which needs to be taken care of. So, if you snore, this information is just for you.

So, do you feel tired during the day? Do you feel hungry, moody and with a lack of energy to function during the day? Well, all of these issues are due to snoring. You see, if you snore, then you are not sleeping the way you should. In fact, you are not resting. People who snore don’t get oxygen into their bodies the way they should. Therefore, they never reach the R.E.M stage of sleep, which is the part of sleeping in which your brain and organs actually rest. So, you are asleep but you are not resting. This, of course, is not good for your health and you should really do something about it before it is too late. 

So, I encourage you to visit  VitalSleep.com. This program offers a 100% natural cure to this issue. By following this method you will sleep in a way you haven’t slept in years. Check it out, it is totally worth your time. 

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VitalSleep Scam Do Not Buy

If you have decided to get decent sleep and stop snoring, Vital Sleep is the product you need to get instant relief. You and your partner will sleep safe and sound during the night and wake up feeling fully refreshed. When you snore your tongue or soft tissues inside your throat collapse and block the proper passing of air through the airway causing the vibration we hear as snoring. It is not only noisy, snoring is actually very dangerous as you are not getting the right amount of oxygen while you sleep, which causes pain chests, headaches and dizziness. VitaSleep works by pulling your jaw forward thus preventing obstructions from happening.

Now, does Vital Sleep work? Of course it does and it is one of the most comfortable mouthpieces you will ever find. You can either find it at anyt store of you can buy it online for a more than fair price. This is an FDA cleared and BPA free product that comes in small and regular size and it includes a nice case and a 30 day money back guarantee and 2 year of warranty. It is very soft and flexible, it allows you to breathe through your mouth, it is made in the USA and it is made of medical grade material. You can mold it using the boil and bite system and it has an adjustability system for greater effectiveness. Read the complete review at vitalsleepreview.com

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