Texts From Dog

What if your dog or pet could text you? Can you even imagine what they would say to you if they were at home, alone, and had the possibility to send you a text message? These are some of the questions which October Jones answers in an amazing and pretty witty book called “texts from dog”. The conversations between a house dog and it’s owner have become viral and even other users are creating their own conversations on Social Media.

And, even though you wouldn’t believe it, these texts are not only about food. This dog is really profound and he has a lot going through his mind. Just imagine what your dog does when you are not at home and you will learn that there is much more behind that wiggling tail. 

So, if you have been always curious about a dog’s deepest thoughts, you should really take into consideration reading this book. You will laugh and get frustrated but, best of all, you will change entirely the way you see your dog today. Of course, the information shared in the book comes from the author’s imagination but, who says dogs aren’t smarter than what they seem? Don’t they understand us when we call them by their names? 

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